Hydrocarbon Engineering

Hydrocarbon Engineering

The August issue is home to Hydrocarbon Engineering’s Annual Compressor Review, which provides an overview of the most advanced compressor technologies available in the downstream oil and gas processing industry today. Ariel Corporation introduces this year’s review, with an examination of the short stroke moderate speed reciprocating compressor market. The Compressor feature is further bolstered by technical articles and case studies from companies such as IPC, Elliott Group and Simms Machinery International. The August issue also boats some strong gas features – Gas Processing, Nitrogen and Process Analysers – and a look at sulfur granulation, courtesy of Sandvik Process Systems. To finish the issue, we talk to Rebecca Liebert, President and CEO of Honeywell UOP, about her past business achievements, and the exciting developments going on at the company.

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World News

Canada's critical condition
Canada's oilpatch has been hit hard by the global downturn. Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains why tremendous potential still remains for the country's oil and gas industry.

Extending turnaround cycles
Ruud Olgers and Gary Bowerbank, Shell Global Solutions, the Netherlands, describe how the optimisation of a molecular sieve unit operation can extend turnaround cycles.

Retrofit for energy savings: part one
Satyadileep Dara and Abdallah S. Berrouk, The Petroleum Institute, UAE, investigate the retrofitting of an amine sweetening unit with a split flow scheme.

A deep clean
Ron Radford and Tim Jenkins P.E., PEI Mercury & Chemical Services Group, USA, discuss the mercury chemical decontamination of hydrocarbon processing systems.

Holding the key
Daniel J. Weidert and Richard B. Hopewell, Chart Energy and Chemicals, Inc., USA, explain why integrated nitrogen rejection units hold the key to unlocking gas processing.

The many faces of nitrogen
Marya Breznay, South-Tek Systems, LLC, USA, looks at the crucial role of nitrogen gas within the oil and gas industry, providing an overview of its most significant applications.

Sampling solutions
A.M. Derevyagin, et al., SPA Vympel, Russia, and Paul Lyon, Vympel GmbH, Germany, explore new approaches to gas sample treatment for analytical measurements.

What a gas!
Stephen Harrison, Linde Gas, Germany, and Kim Chapman, Linde Gas, UK, explore how to improve refinery performance, focusing on the role of speciality gases in process control diagnostics.

The evolution of granulation
Casey Metheral, Sandvik Process Systems, Canada, examines the world of sulfur granulation and how, inevitably, technological advancements have changed the industry for the better.

Turbocharging aftermarket production
Daniel Simms, Simms Machinery Int'l, USA, and Dave ?Bertoldi, UGI Energy Services, USA, explore how the aftermarket redesign of a turboexpander can boost production in a downstream facility.

Time to upgrade
Massimiliano Di Febo, Pasquale Paganini and Giacinto? Di ?Mango, IPC, Italy, explore advanced thermodynamic and aeromechanical model-based anti-surge systems for centrifugal compressors, and their effect on pre-existing re-injection compression stations.

Precision planning
Frank Spothelfer and Rob Johnson, Elliott Group, USA, discuss the progressive steps and precise planning behind a plant turnaround, focusing on turbomachinery overhauls.

It's all in the sizing
Syed Abbas Raza and Vinod Upadhyay, CH2MHill Energy Canada Ltd, UAE, outline a practical and systematic method for sizing pressure relief valves in unsafe conditions, with a specific focus on fire.

Cutting edge compression
Greg Phillippi, Ariel Corporation, USA, examines the market for short stroke moderate speed reciprocating compressors in downstream process gas compression.

Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of the most advanced compressor technologies available in the downstream oil and gas processing industry today.

15 questions with...
Hydrocarbon Engineering talks to Rebecca Liebert, President and CEO of Honeywell UOP, about downstream developments, business achievements and travelling back in time.

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