Hydrocarbon Engineering

Hydrocarbon Engineering

The April 2015 issue features a keynote article by KPMG on environmental compliance in the downstream oil and gas industry, as well as a look at the current energy situation in China by Nancy Yamaguchi. The issue is jam packed with a range of topics, including sulfur removal, petrochemical processing, process control and automation, heat exchangers and distillation. In addition, don't miss Hydrocarbon Engineering’s annual Sulfur Review, which provides a comprehensive overview of the key sulfur technologies available to plant/refinery operations. To finish off this issue, we pose 15 questions to Adam Bradley, Vice President for Gas Processing, Shell Projects & Technology.

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In this issue

Hydrocarbon Engineering April 2015

(03) Comment

(05) World News

(12) Chinese natural gas: a great leap forward
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses the development and outlook for the Chinese energy industry

(22) An era of compliance
James Holley and James Bone, KPMG Sustainability team, UK, explain how downstream oil, gas and petroleum clients are stepping up to the challenge of managing environmental compliance and beyond

(27) Tackle the problem
Berthold Otzisk, Kurita Europe GmbH, Germany, discusses chemical treatment of an ethylene plant

(33) High performance trays
Ang Chew Peng, Sulzer Chemtech, Singapore, Senthil Krishnamoorthy, Sulzer Chemtech, USA, and Mario Roza, Sulzer Chemtech AG, Switzerland, outline the advantages of high performance trays

(37) Complete tracing
Igor Bochanov, BARTEC, Germany, discusses complete heat tracing of an entire plant

(41) Longer lifecycles
Eduardo Perea, Sandvik Materials Technology, Singapore, looks at longer heat exchanger tube lifecyles with hyper duplex

(47) Hands off operation: part 1
Paul Lyon and Margarita Bliso, Vympel, Germany, discuss automated hydrocarbon dew point measurement

(52) The sky's the limit
Piet Broertjes, ODS Sampling and Analytical Systems, the Netherlands, explains true TOC analysis for handling wastewater with a high load of suspended organic particles

(58) Jet fuel treating technology
Karl Bussey, Merichem, USA, and Steven Chachere, Alon Refining, USA, discuss a new kerosene treating technology to meet jet fuel specifications

(65) Hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide: part 1
Rasheed A. Adewale, Abdallah S. Berrouk and Satyadileep Dara, Petroleum Institute, UAE, outline a process simulation investigation of the decomposition of hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen and sulfur

(70) Getting ultra low
William Breckenridge, Sam Polise, Derek Ogg and Alan Mosher, Black & Veatch, USA, discuss the challenges to meeting ultra low emissions in lean acid gases

(77) The element of advantage
Tom Smith, Sandvik, Germany, looks at solutions for the ideal sulfur solidification and handling plant

(81) Sulfur yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Donald Messick, The Sulphur Institute, USA, discusses the changing face of the sulfur industry

(85) Sulfur Review
Hydrocarbon Engineering provides a comprehensive overview of the key sulfur technologies available to plant/refinery operations

(104) 15 questions with...
We talk to Adam Bradley, Vice President for Gas Processing, Shell Projects & Technology, about oil demand, the midstream gas sector and his favourite restaurant

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