National Forest concerns from potential pipeline construction

Tom Speaks, Forest Supervisor of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, has submitted a report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), expressing his concern over Dominion's proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline crossing though the land.

The documentation

The document submitted discusses 335 requests over 57 pages, of which he deems crucial for Dominion to consider and address in its bid for the pipeline. The document details deficiencies, errors and inconsistencies, in addition to the impacts it could potentially have to waters, plants, animals and users of the forest.

Comments on the pipeline construction

David Sligh, the Conservation Director of Wild Virginia stated: “The GWNF staff has done an excellent job detailing the many problems posed by ACP’s proposal. Cutting a 125-foot scar across steep mountains and through Virginia’s precious national forests to install and operate a 42 in. natural gas pipeline clearly threatens the integrity of these resources. The Forest Service officials are taking their responsibility as stewards of our public lands seriously, by requiring Dominion to analyse all the threats the ACP poses to our most valued resources. They have given us 335 reasons why this pipeline should not be built.”

Dominion has promised that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be environmentally responsible.

The decision?

Dominion plans to submit their reports with FERC in Autumn 2015.

Edited from various sources – The Roanoke Times, NBC – by Stephanie Roker

Published on 07/08/2015

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