Participants pull out of Kinder Morgan pipeline process

Kinder Morgan could be required to have liability coverage of more than US$1 billion due to potential environmental issues that could be caused from the construction of its Trans Mountain pipeline if approved as well as to cover cleanup costs in the event of a spill.

Canada’s National Energy Board submitted 145 draft conditions for the pipeline; a decision is expected next year.

Kinder Morgan is requesting permission to increase its Trans Mountain pipeline system capacity to 890 000 bpd.

An unfair hearing

Its US$5.4 billion pipeline project has received support from large global energy companies. However, its project has received criticism from environmental groups opposed to the plan.

As a result, more than 30 participants have walked away from the hearings, branding the review ‘biased’ and ‘unfair’.

Disappointment from the NEB

Tara O'Donovan, a Board spokesperson said the NEB was disappointed participants had withdrawn.

"Our processes are fair and guided by legislation. We are also bound by the rules of natural justice, and our decisions are subject to review by the federal Court of Appeal."

There are approximately 400 interveners who can provide evidence and testimony, and 1300 commenters who can submit letters to the NEB. O'Donovan said the board shall consider all submissions and is committed to a thorough and fair environmental assessment.

Edited from various sources Vancouver Observer, The Globe and Mail, The Province, CBC News, by Stephanie Roker

Published on 13/08/2015

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