NEB postpones Trans Mountain hearings

The National Energy Board (NEB) hearing panel for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project is postponing oral summary arguments, previously scheduled in Calgary on Monday 24 August, and in Burnaby from 9 - 30 September.

Trans Mountain has filed the Direct Written Evidence prepared by Steven Kelly and IHS Global Canada Limited in support of its application for NEB approval of the project. Kelly has since been appointed to the NEB, an appointment that takes effect 13 October 2015. The hearing panel has taken appropriate action to address this matter by deciding to strike the evidence prepared by Kelly from the hearing record. A copy of the hearing panel’s decision letter is available here.

The hearing panel has directed Trans Mountain to provide a list identifying all evidence prepared by or under the direction of Kelly, and advise whether it plans to replace this evidence. The hearing panel will not proceed with oral summary argument in Calgary or Burnaby at this time. Intervenors no longer need to file their final argument by 3 September.

The hearing panel will address the next steps in the project hearing after receiving and considering all information and requested comments as outlined in the decision letter.

Edited from press release by Stephanie Roker

Published on 24/08/2015

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