Southern Peruvian gas pipeline project to be awarded in 2014

Peru’s private Promotion Investment Agency, ProInversion, has announced that the southern Peruvian natural gas pipeline project would be awarded in February 2014.

Bids accepted soon

This is the second time that the agency has postponed its decision. The decision was originally scheduled for March 2013, but was pushed back to October. This time around, ProInversion says it will soon start accepting new bids for the project.

The “Improvement of the National Energy Security and Development of the South Peruvian Pipeline” project intends to accord the concession to design finance, build, operate, and maintain the pipeline. Once the contract ends, the chosen contractor will transfer control back to the Peruvian government.

Reinforcing natural gas pipeline

The infrastructure plan includes the reinforcement of the existent natural gas pipeline system from Malvinas separation plant to the Chiquintirca compression plant.

It allows for the construction of a natural gas and LNG line from the existing transport system to Anta Province, with capacity to supply natural gas to the future thermal plant of Quillabamba.

The project will also include the construction of a natural gas pipeline from Anta to the southern coast of Peru, to meet the 2000 MW demand of the thermal plants.

Published on 27/08/2013

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