Tracerco invites flowline challengers

Tracerco, part of the FTSE 100 Johnson Matthey Plc, is inviting oil and gas companies to challenge the efficacy of their innovative OTC Spotlight on New Technology 2015 winning, Discovery™ Subsea CT Scanner.

Following several successful deployments in the Gulf of Mexico, Tracerco is inviting operators to send sealed sections of coated pipeline with an unidentified abnormality. Tracerco will then scan the test piece using Discovery at one of its state of the art subsea testing facilities.

A comprehensive tomographic (CT) scan image will be reproduced, giving a precise depiction of the abnormalities present.

Customers are invited to attend to witness Discovery’s analysis capabilities in real-time. They will learn about how Discovery uses computed tomography (CT) to provide a 360°, high resolution scan to reveal the nature of the abnormality.

Lee Robins, Head of Subsea Services at Tracerco, said: “The success of the deployments of Discovery and the customer reaction has been phenomenal, which is why we are inviting other interested parties to our testing facilities to witness this ground breaking technology being tested underwater.

“It’s the perfect way for them to gain confidence in Discovery’s inspection prowess before deploying it on their subsea pipelines. We know that it works, but this is a chance for potential customers to see it in action.”

Tracerco developed Discovery in response to an industry need to inspect pipelines from the outside without pipeline modification. It is non-intrusive which means that there is no need to remove protective coatings or interrupt production to carry out the inspection process, making it a cost-effective solution to flow assurance or integrity problems.

The ground-breaking technology allows Tracerco’s experts to obtain an accurate measurement of pipeline conditions. Discovery can distinguish between hydrate and wax build-up and will also give data on weaknesses and wall thinning of flowlines. In pipe-in-pipe applications, it can also detect water ingress between pipes, allowing both the inner and outer pipeline in a pipe-in-pipe system to be inspected from the outside. For flow assurance issues it can also diagnose the effectiveness of any remedial treatment.

To sign up to send your test pipe, click here.

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 07/05/2015

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