Introducing LCS Pipelines

Founded this year, LCS Pipelines is a newly established contractor, focused on the construction of pipelines in critical sections – such as steep mountain ranges and swampy areas.

Focuses on small, complex pipeline sections

LCS Pipelines’ clients tend to be project owners who require assistance with areas of pipeline that often seem inaccessible. LCS does not take on entire projects, but instead focuses on small, complex sections, Christoph Ludescher, CEO of LCS, has explained.

Supported by the experience of LCS Cable Cranes

Although it is young, LCS Pipelines is supported by the experience of its sister company, LCS Cable Cranes – a company that has been active in the oil and gas pipeline sector for almost 20 years. LCS Cable Cranes mainly offers transport solutions for steep and inaccessible terrain, whilst LCS Pipelines runs the complete construction process for critical pipeline sections and provides full EC Contract Services.

LCS Cable Cranes has been involved in several international projects worldwide, supplying cable crane systems and civil work services for steep pipeline sections. The company does not only provide systems for the oil and gas industry, it also builds heavy-duty material ropeways, typically used at mountain construction sites and hydropower projects.

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 08/07/2015

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