New SUPERIOR pipelayer launched

SUPERIOR’s has launched a new pipelayer: the SPX-260. The smallest member of the SPX-Series family of pipelayers, this machine can handle lifting weights of up to 26 t and has an operating weight of 44 092 lbs. The SPX-260 narrow width (9 ft 2 in.) makes trailer transportation very easy as only the boom needs to be removed.

The hydraulic kit allows the operator to control the load with one fully-directional joystick for both the boom line and the load line. The operator can activate both winches at the same time by positioning the joystick in different diagonal positions for different desired effects. With light pressure applied, the operator can inch the load, or with maximum pressure applied and full throttle, can go full bore. No gearing system is necessary, as the system will operate as efficiently as the two gear systems used by other pipelayers. On-board computer displays load and overhang information and have anti-tipping and free-fall as standard features.

A hydrostatic system ensures safety and reliability and is especially efficient when working on steep grades, allowing the operator to make precise, pin-point maneuovres to couple the pipes.

As with all SUPERIOR equipment, special attention has been given to safety. The anti-tipping system prevents the machine from tipping over by calculating the maximum load that can be lifted at the current boom angle; the free-fall system, a safety redundancy feature which also prevents the tipping of the machine, disengages the load at the press of a button; the anti-two block sets the minimum distance between the top and bottom blocks, thus preventingcollision between the two; the kick-out boom helps the operator avoid bending the boom by preventing excessive upward movement; finally, the Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) is designed in such a way to allow the operator a clear view of the top of the boom and the load. An enclosed climatised (A/C and heater) cabin is also available.

SUPERIOR manufactures a wide range of pipeline specialty equipment, including pipelayers, padding machines, pipe benders, vacuum lifts, welder tractors, pipe carriers, pipe facing machines, flat bed tractors and a variety of pipeline accessories. In addition, SUPERIOR also makes a hydraulic conversion kit for mechanical pipelayers and dozers.

Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division sells and rents SUPERIOR’s line of equipment as well as ancillary pipeline equipment to the pipeline industry.

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 09/02/2015

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