IMCA to run cyber security workshop

On Wednesday 9 September 2015 and in conjunction with the Security Association for the Marine Industry (SAMI), the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is hosting cyber security workshop on board HQS Wellington which will be moored on the river Thames during London International Shipping Week.

The workshop is aimed at Directors with security responsibilities, company and ship Security Officers and IT personnel. Its aim is that attendees will leave the event ‘uncomfortably educated’ in the least well-understood threat to the commercial maritime environment.

Jane Bugler, IMCA’s Technical Director and Acting Chief Executive, says: “The aim of the workshop is to provide those attending with the latest assessment and current trends in cyber security threat and to provide guidance on how to counter the threat posed by this potentially catastrophic 21st century security phenomenon.”

Input from Templar Executives

Experts from Templar Executives will facilitate the workshop by giving a briefing on the new marine cyber security guidance developed by BIMCO – and which is likely to be incorporated into IMO guidance – and by sharing threat updates from well-respected subject matter experts from the industry.

Furthermore, the event will include syndicate briefings and cyber threat scenario table top syndicate work. The syndicate work will involve group discussion on several cyber security incidents, ranging in severity, that are based around a central scenario for the offshore sector.

Revised guidance by IMCA

Published earlier this year by IMCA’s Security Task Force, new security guidelines have been enforced to help shine the light on cyber security. ‘Security Measures and Emergency Response Guidance’ delivers broad guidance, covering vessel and office security measures and is designed to provide a basic framework on to which members can build their own specific security needs. It aims to guide masters, company and ship security officers, and other staff members on security measures and emergency procedures, both at sea and ashore.

As one of the members of the IMCA Security Task Force said: “Being prepared is not only key to protecting revenue, but it is also what will safeguard our people and our assets.”

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 17/07/2015

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