Atmos International announces new pipeline management solutions

Alongside celebrating its 20th birthday, leading provider of pipeline technology to the oil, gas and associated industries, Atmos International Limited (Atmos) also announced a new range of pipeline management products at the Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition.

SIM online tracks batches is a pipeline simulation solution which enables real-time modelling of pipeline networks, composition tracking and forecasting. This has been upgraded to offer Atmos batch tracking modules as easily integrated optional extras.

Simplifying highly complex task

As the model of ownership of gas in pipelines has shifted from single producers to transmission organisations with multiple clients, the ability to accurately track and query different batches of gas has become as crucial as it is with liquid. To help simplify this highly complex task, Atmos has developed a gas management system module that integrates with Atmos SIM. This web-based solution enables companies to manage business information and track contracts across their network throughout the buying, selling, and transportation processes. It handles all key functions –contract nomination, stock account, stock management, gas balance management and reconciliation, and reporting.

Boxed solutions

Atmos has launched a range of boxed solutions which combine hardware and software that have been partially pre-made and pre-configured prior to delivery. This makes them easier and quicker for client teams to install and configure the products themselves.

Atmos SIM Offline works independently on any computer by using a state estimator to accurately model the hydraulic behaviour of both gas and liquid pipelines. It allows operators to ‘add’ new physical characteristics to the model for testing, such as new pipelines, inlets, outlets, simulated leaks, and compressor stations. It is a tool for pipeline design, equipment sizing and locating, operational analysis, capacity planning, and training in a safe environment.Atmos Surge Analysis is an optional module for Atmos SIM Offline that helps companies to identify potential surge and rupture points along a pipeline. This enables organisations to take timely preventative measures and to cost-effectively comply with the US Department of Transport (DOT) requirement to file up-to-date surge analysis reports on all pipelines in US territory.

Atmos Generic Trainer is a solution desiged to help organisations comply with the US DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety administration requirement. All operators responsible for the transportation of hazardous gases and liquids in pipelines must be evaluated as able to perform daily tasks and to react to Abnormal Operating Conditions.

Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor is an easily transportable airport hydrant leak detection system. This means it can be quickly connected to successive hydrant segments by the client team, removing the need for expensive infrastructure for testing.

Detecting and combating theft

Atmos Wave and Wave Flow have helped numerous companies detect incidences of leakage and theft. However, to combat the new, ‘keyhole surgery’ capabilities of pipeline pirates, Atmos has launched more sensitive solutions for detecting theft.

The Atmos Portable Data Logger is case-based autonomous data logging solution that can be rapidly deployed to collect pressure and flow data where taps are suspected.

The Atmos Hydrostatic Tester is a portable kit that uses both pressure and acoustic sensors to identify all sizes of leakage with location accuracy to 2 m.

Odin is a battery-based theft detection solution, designed for pipelines previously in a detection ‘black hole’ – for example, in areas without power or communications, or where standard detection units are undesirable for aesthetic reasons.

Finally, the Atmos Theft Net is a data analysis service that supports the above new products. Clients will be able to quickly extricate criminal activity from leaks to enable prompt action.

Jun Zhang, Managing Director of Atmos, said: “Atmos solutions are helping the world’s top companies to design, plan, and manage their pipelines more efficiently, and train their staff more effectively. All this has added up to significant savings, reduced risk, and increased revenues for our clients. But we’re not resting on our laurels.”

He continued: “Innovation is the heartbeat of Atmos, so we continue to strive to make our range more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to use. Today, I’m delighted to announce some ground-breaking initiatives that our clients are already showing a great deal of interest in.”

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 26/06/2015

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