MOL Group fuelling STEM ambitions worldwide

Oil and gas companies have a shallow talent pool to pick from, often retaining experienced workers approaching retirement, and they need to address the shortage of young and diverse graduates from relevant disciplines (both pure and applied) entering the industry worldwide.

MOL Group is fuelling science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers worldwide with three annual talent acquisition programmes. Two of which are taking place this March-April, Freshhh and Growww.

These talent acquisition programmes take a different approach to help address the industry-wide talent shortage issue, according to Dominic Köfner, MOL Group’s Vice President of Corporate Communications:

“By exposing talented students and graduates to real scenarios from the oil and gas industry, MOL Group’s three programmes are giving potential scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians a unique start to their STEM careers.”

Student competition Freshhh is an international award-winning online contest for talented students interested in real-life challenges within the oil and gas industry. Teams of three compete via an online simulation game, facing various challenges to shape the best possible oil and gas portfolios.

MOL Group rewards those who ‘Play Hard. Work Hard’ and take an active role in their STEM careers. The top five teams in the Freshhh online student competition will be given the opportunity to join MOL Group’s one-year graduate development programme Growww, beginning on the 1 September. 200 Growww positions are currently open across 12 MOL Group member companies. The top three teams will also win a total €25 000.

MOL Group has operations in over 40 countries and employs around 30 000 employees worldwide, so the challenge of engaging students and attracting them to the organisation is not a new one for the company.

In 2014, Growww was selected as the Best College Recruiting Programme globally together with the Freshhh student competition, for which MOL Group has won the ERE Recruiting Excellence Award. MOL Group was also awarded the UK’s most prestigious HR recognition award in the 2015 Employer Branding Category.

“MOL Group is passionate about supporting great ambition. We know every journey to the top starts with the right choice. We are looking for students who have the agility and passion to compete with others and reach the top. A challenger attitude is at the heart of our corporate and human resources values,” said MOL Group, Human Resources Vice President, Zdravka Demeter Bubalo.

Adapted from press release by Hannah Priestley-Eaton

Published on 30/03/2015

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