Keystone XL permit hearing extended

The issue

TransCanada Corp. has decided to purchase more pipe in order to complete the Keystone XL pipeline before receiving a presidential permit. In a hearing lasting nine days, the company argued its right to run the Keystone XL pipeline through South Dakota.

The hearing

Despite President Obama’s expectation of rejecting the said permit, on 27 July in Pierre, South Dakota, the state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had the task of deciding whether to award TransCanada a permit to build through the state.

Citizen’s views on the build

Joye Braun, a Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe member, stated: “I think it's been proven TransCanada does not have the safety record they are trying to say they have… also the tax revenue will not be what they are saying. Most importantly though, is that there are serious questions regarding safety to our drinking water for the state and tribal communities.”

Braun went on to tell Indian Country Today Media Network: “we are hopeful that Keystone XL recertification will be rejected, but if it's not we are ready to do what is necessary to stop this pipeline from being built.”

The verdict?

TransCanada’s apparent lack of clear answers may not dissuade the PUC, which is expected to approve the request for recertification.

However, the commissioners have consequently lengthened the hearing period. Now, parties involved have until 1 October to submit post-hearing briefs supporting their arguments, and until 31 October to reply to their opponents' briefs.

Edited from various sources – Indian Country Today Media Network, KDLT News, DESMOG – by Stephanie Roker

Published on 06/08/2015

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