Study foresees Penn State pipeline job boost

A recent Penn State study estimated that the proposed Williams' Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline would have an up-front economic impact of US$1.6 billion, with a continuing effect of US$1.9 million annually.

The US$1.6 billion represents wages, revenues, and investments for regional and state economies from the construction of the pipeline Penn State's research maintains that the project could support about 8000 jobs and potentially serve seven million homes.

The ongoing operation of the pipeline, following construction, could generate up to US$1.9 million annually and create 29 jobs.

State and federal tax impact from the pipeline could be significant as well, generating US$2.2 million and US$1.4 million respectively, according to the research. The report states, however, that the economic figures "need to be viewed in light of the duration of the economic activity being modelled."

The economic model, funded by Williams, uses a commercial software program known as IMPLAN, which conducts input-output analysis and is used by state governments nationwide.

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 23/03/2015

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