NEB to hear Aboriginal evidence for Trans Mountain expansion project

The National Energy Board (NEB or the Board) will hear oral Aboriginal traditional evidence for the Trans Mountain expansion project from Alexander First Nation on 28 January. The hearing will run at the Board’s offices in Calgary and the public is welcome to attend.

This is the final scheduled hearing session to gather oral Aboriginal traditional evidence for this application. The Board heard from dozens of Aboriginal presenters in Edmonton, AB, Chilliwack, Kamloops, and Victoria, BC, throughout the fall.

The Board recognises that Aboriginal peoples have an oral tradition for sharing stories, lessons and knowledge from generation to generation. This information cannot always be shared adequately in writing yet it will make up an important component of the evidence the Board will consider as it decides whether or not to recommend approving the project.

Aboriginal intervenors may also file written evidence in addition to their oral traditional evidence. Other intervenors, Trans Mountain or the Board may ask presenters questions about their oral traditional evidence. It is up to the individual Aboriginal groups to decide whether they will respond to any questions orally, in writing or both.

Trans Mountain submitted its application to the Board on 16 December 2013. The project would expand the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system in Alberta and British Columbia and include approximately 990 km of new pipeline, new and modified facilities, such as pump stations and tanks, and the reactivation of 193 km of existing pipeline between Edmonton and Burnaby, BC. There would also be an expansion of the Westridge Marine Terminal.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

Published on 27/01/2015

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