EIA Natural Gas Monthly: May 2015

EIA’s May Natural Gas Monthly, with data through April 2015, has been released.

According to the report, preliminary dry natural gas production in the US for April 2015 was 2,239 billion ft3, or 74.6 billion ft3/d, up from last month’s 74.2 billion ft3/d. April's production was a 6.0 billion ft3/d increase from 68.6 billion ft3/d in April 2014, an 8.8% y/y rise.

Preliminary total natural gas consumption for April 2015 was 2,044 billion ft3, or 68.1 billion ft3/d, an increase of 3.5% from 1,975 billion ft3 in April 2014, or 65.8 billion ft3/d.

For the second consecutive month, total consumption of dry natural gas for April 2015 decreased in three of four sectors year to year, with the exception of electric power deliveries, which increased significantly from last April:

  • Deliveries to residential consumers for April 2015 were 322 billion ft3, or 10.7 billion ft3/d, down 3.5% from 11.8 billion ft3/d in April 2014.
  • Commercial deliveries were 236 billion ft3, or 7.9 billion ft3/d, a 5.6% decrease from 8.3 billion ft3/d in April 2014.
  • Industrial deliveries were 610 billion ft3, or 20.3 billion ft3/d, down 2.9% from 20.9 billion ft3/d in April 2014.
  • Electric power deliveries were 669 billion ft3, or 22.3 billion ft3/d, a 21.6% rise from 18.3 billion ft3/d in April 2014.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

Published on 01/07/2015

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