Downstream news from Bahrain and Kuwait


Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas Authority is hoping to expand the country’s refining capacity to 100 000 bpd from the current 32 000 bpd. The country wishes to do so as it is working on tripling the output from its Awali oilfield. There is no fixed timeline for execution of the plan as yet.


Kuwait’s Supreme Petroleum Council is hoping to make a decision on the construction of a new refinery by the end of September. The country has been debating the construction of a fourth refinery for many months as it strives to meet domestic fuel demand. The project was abandoned last year due to an increase in costs of construction to US$ 13.7 billion.

Qurain Petrochemicals Industries and United Industries Company have established a joint venture company, United Petrochemical Company (UPC). The company has licenses to establish a PTA/ PET plant in Kuwait and when constructed will be the first in the country. The joint venture company is 90% owned by Qurain Petrochemicals Industries.

Published on 03/06/2010

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