PRISMA and EFET update gas capacity booking platform

At the end of 2014, PRISMA, the European gas capacity booking platform, and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) initiated the “Usability Project” with a focus on delivering an improved website that is tailored to its users’ needs.

PRISMA and EFET began cooperation in 2013, jointly developing standard trading conditions for the secondary market. PRISMA and TSOs asked EFET to actively participate in this project. As a result, the companies have now joined forces to deliver a better experience for users through the Usability Project.

Results have surpassed initial expectations

After gathering feedback from a large number of users, discussing the necessary functionalities of the Usability Project, and conducting constant simulations, PRISMA and EFET designed key platform screens that are easy to use and understand, whilst still including all of the relevant technical information required to use the booking system.

Users react positively

A task-oriented interface and improved display of the network points has allowed the new design to better support shippers in performing actions on the platform.

Despite significant changes in the platform’s design, users reported that they found the system much more accessible. The majority of users commented that the new platform is more intuitive to use and state that the new design will let them work more efficiently.

Roberto Borghetti, Head of Logistics and Operations at ENOI S.p.A. commented: “The team at PRISMA created a great website. The focus on relevant information will have a positive effect on the platform performance.”

Comment from EFET

“EFET welcomes PRISMA’s openness to collaborate with users to continue to enhance the usability of the platform and to act on the ideas that come up. Improved capacity trading has the potential to unlock value for all types of market participants through increased efficiency,” said Doug Wood, Chair of EFET Gas Committee.

Comment from PRISMA

“Before launching the new website, we want to make sure we have developed a platform that offers our users the utmost usability. This project represents hundreds of hours of due diligence, design and development efforts to ensure we are delivering the best value to our users,” said Götz Lincke, Managing Director of PRISMA.

Edited from source by Elizabeth Corner

Published on 08/07/2015

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