Volant unveils DeltaTORQ rings

The Volant Group of Companies has announced the DeltaTORQ™ Ring (DTR™) - developed to provide additional torsion capacity in casing/tubing connections for the upstream market. These new rings are designed to fit all standard API casing/tubing connections, providing a cost-effective, short-lead time semi-premium connection solution. The new DeltaTORQ™ Rings make optimal use of the available space in the connection J-section, providing more torque capacity and increasing retention.

“Volant has an extensive history producing torque rings and by capitalising on this knowledge, we are excited to release DeltaTORQ™ Rings; allowing customers to once again do more with less,” stated Dan Shute, President of Volant. “These rings increase the connection torsion capacity, enabling customers to rotate casing and ultimately run casing/liner strings to their target depth more efficiently.”

When utilised in tubing strings, the increased torsion capacity can eliminate the need of additional downhole hardware in applications running progressing cavity pumps. Additionally, the smoothed tubing string bore can increase production efficiency, reduce erosion in the J-section and mitigate thread damage during well servicing. Furthermore, by providing a positive torque shoulder, DeltaTORQ™ rings prevent pin overpenetration, increasing the service life of tubing strings.

DeltaTORQ™ Rings come in all standard sizes listed in API-5CT. The connections are gauged and the rings installed easily onsite, before or during running operations using a handheld installation tool. Alternatively, as DeltaTORQ™ Rings have sufficient retention load, they can also be installed prior to running operations in pipe yards and transported to site already installed in the connections.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 10/04/2015

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