Sinopec to boost production in Xinjiang

Sinopec, one of the leading refiners in Asia, has revealed plans to increase the production capability of its Tahe refinery in Xinjiang to 200 000 bpd, giving an approximate annual equivalent of 10 million tpy. This would be double the 5 million tpy capacity that was claimed at the end of 2010.

A recent report showed that in 2011, the Tahe refinery processed 4.5 million t of crude oil as well as selling 4.1 million t of oil products. Sinopec’s expansion plans in Xinjiang include boosting crude oil production to 9 – 11 million tpy and raising natural gas output to 1.8 – 3 billion m3, a significant increase on the levels of last year.

Sinopec also has plans to add seven oil storage sites and 500 service stations in the Xinjiang region by 2015.

Published on 13/02/2012

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