Water treatment retrofit plant delivered to drilling platform offshore Alaska

GEA Mechanical Equipment, Business Unit Oil & Gas, recently delivered its first two, skid mounted, retrofit plants for the treatment of so-called drain water. Whilst drilling for oil, drain water collects on the platform in large volumes. This is passed into large tanks together with waste water from other sources. To conform with the IMO Regulations MEPC.107(49) this contaminated water must not be drained into the ocean before appropriate treatment and de-oiling.

Drain water treatment solution for offshore drilling platforms

The alternative of offloading, treatment and disposal of this drain water on land is associated with high costs, HSE implications and expenditure of time so separation and treatment of the drain water on the drilling platform makes economic sense. For drilling platforms, in the waters of Alaska, GEA has designed a drain water treatment solution that ensures a residual oil content, in the drain water of less than 5 ppm and can be fitted retrospectively.

The system incorporates a high performance Decanter Centrifuge for solids extraction, followed by a Disc separator for the residual oil removal. Specially designed for retrofitting, both centrifuges and all peripheral equipment were delivered in one container each ready for operation. The required connecting piping between the containers was part of the scope of delivery as well. Once the customer has fitted the process line, the skids can be put into operation directly on deck, for ‘plug & play’ operation. With the possibility of retrofitting and simplicity of handling the customer agreed the GEA solution offered enormous cost and time saving benefits.

In addition, the guarantee of lower residual oil content improved the charter rate of the drilling vessel – for this reason, the retrofit plant will pay for itself in next to no time.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 16/04/2015

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