LGO Energy updates on Goudron Pad 4

LGO Energy plc has announced its plans for testing the three recently drilled wells, GY-672, 673 and 674, on drilling Pad 4 at the Goudron Field, and provides an update on important infrastructure approvals and improvements which are designed to significantly increase oil sales capacity at the field, from 2750 bbls to over 12 000 bbls.

About LGO well testing on Pad 4

LGO Energy has received final approval for the completion of all three wells, recently drilled from Pad 4 as production wells. A combined total of 556 ft of perforations are planned across the prolific C-sand intervals in the three wells.  The equipment required has been mobilised to the field and work is anticipated to begin later this week.

As previously announced, each of the new wells will be flow tested with the appropriate pressure build-up tests carried out over the coming weeks. Each well will be subject to a number of periods of flow testing, up to 6 hrs duration, followed by individual pressure build-up tests (pressure monitoring without flow) of approximately 24 hrs. The test phase may take up to five days per well, however, once this stage is complete, a stable flow rate will be selected to manage the reservoir performance of the well, in the short and medium term and provide further information for the completion of further wells on the field. Oil which is produced from the wells during the test period will be sold.

Infrastructure of the wells

Furthermore, LGO Energy confirms that it has now received the necessary approvals to construct two 5000 bbl sales tanks to supplement the existing 2000 bbl main sales tank and two smaller tanks at Battery #134. The company is commencing with construction of the first of these new 5000 bbl tanks and the second tank will be added as and when it is required.

The installation of a lease area custody metre has, therefore, been rescheduled for no earlier than 4Q15. Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Petrotrin, has advised that the completion of the new 4 in. sales tie-in pipeline from Battery #134 to the main sales line and on to the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery remains outstanding pending a pipeline crossing agreement with a third party. In the interim additional pumping capacity has been installed on the existing 2 7/8 in. line, along with independent power generation, to eliminate any potential short-term bottlenecks, with the additional production from new production wells.

Comment from LGO Energy plc

Neil Ritson, LGO's Chief Executive, commented: "As LGO looks towards the longer term production projections at Goudron, especially the potential of an EOR project, we need to acquire considerably more reservoir data than was historically collected. These new wells have excellent reservoir characteristics on logs and be believe can provide much of the information required as they are brought on to production.  In the meantime drilling at GY-675 is continuing at over 360 ft."

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 17/06/2015

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