Jonah Energy implements FLOWCLOUD hosting solution

Flow-Cal, Inc. has announced that startup exploration and production company, Jonah Energy LLC, is Flow-Cal’s newest customer utilising the FLOWCLOUDSM hosting solution.

FLOWCLOUD is a powerful hosting solution that offers Flow-Cal’s measurement applications in a highly secure and dedicated cloud environment. Flow-Cal’s SaaS model offers a cost effective means for smaller companies, like Jonah Energy, who may not have the infrastructure to implement and support FLOWCAL. This on-demand software is licensed on a subscription basis and is hosted within Flow-Cal’s professional services department.

Jonah Energy selected Flow-Cal’s hosting services as a simple and cost effective means to obtain the FLOWCAL measurement software. Now, Jonah Energy can view their data on-demand through a web interface while Flow-Cal’s professional services team manages the system behind the scenes. Flow-Cal performs system maintenance, patch updates and all IT related tasks, ensuring daily backups and data security.

“As a startup business with no existing IT infrastructure, FLOWCLOUD offers Jonah Energy a robust measurement package without the burden of software and hardware management,” said Shanna Richmond, Flow-Cal’s Professional Services Manager. “Jonah Energy can concentrate on their business, retrieve data daily and have all system maintenance handled by Flow-Cal’s services department.”

In addition, FLOWCLOUD offers a flexible and scalable platform to support the company’s expansion efforts. Jonah Energy can continue to stay focused on growing their business while Flow-Cal’s professional services team seamlessly handles the addition of meters and new clients.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 19/01/2015

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