CoMic™ technology discussion

LUX Assure, a market leader in innovative oil and gas corrosion technologies, will be discussing its chemical monitoring technology, CoMic™ at the 2015 Northern Area Western Conference in Calgary at the end of this month.

Melanie Reid, product line manager for LUX Assure, will discuss the company’s novel detection method for determining the optimum amount of corrosion inhibitor micelles in oil and gas production systems. Too much inhibitor is costly and may cause upset to the production system, however, using too little increases the risk of corrosive attack.

LUX Assure’s presentation will explain how chemical inhibitors can significantly reduce pipeline corrosion and detail how the company’s CoMic™ technology can add years onto the lifespan of assets. Melanie will highlight worldwide field deployments, demonstrating how this novel technology can be used as a corrosion management tool and reduce costs for operators.

The three-day conference will focus on corrosion and asset integrity management in the oil and gas industry, with a major theme of knowledge transfer to the youth of the industry running throughout. In addition, there will be a regulatory forum which will encourage discussion between members of industry and representatives from the various regulatory bodies.

Charles Cruickshank, CEO of LUX Assure said: “We are looking forward to attending NACE Calgary and most importantly, highlight the investment and development that has gone into our CoMic™ technology. Asset integrity management is critical within today’s oil and gas industry and NACE is a great opportunity for LUX Assure to showcase the benefits of CoMic™ to a very niche market.”

LUX Assure currently delivers two key technologies, CoMic™ and OMMICA™, which together represent a revolution in monitoring and managing difficult-to-detect chemicals in hydrocarbons, condensates and water, specifically the thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors used to protect oilfield assets, on and offshore.

The 2015 NACE Northern Area Western Conference will be held at the Telus Convention Centre from February 24-26.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 19/02/2015

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