ExxonMobil sets new drilling record

ExxonMobil has completed the world’s longest extended reach well drilled from an existing offshore fixed platform drilling rig, increasing the company’s ability to produce more domestic oil supplies from existing facilities at the Santa Ynez unit, offshore southern California.

Extended reach technology

The well drilled from the Heritage platform using ExxonMobil’s Fast Drill technology extends more than 6 miles horizontally and more than 7000 ft below sea level. Through the use of this extended reach drill technology, the well will be able to produce an additional 5.8 million bbls of oil equivalent, an amount equal to the annual energy consumption of over 144,000 Californians.

Award winning unit

Located in federal waters, the Santa Ynez unit is comprised of the Hondo, Harmony and Heritage platforms. They produce oil and gas from the Hondo, Pescado and Sacate fields. Since 1981, the Santa Ynez unit has produced more than 450 million bbls of oil. During that time, the unit has earned 12 safety awards for excellence from the Pacific Region of the US Department of Interior Minerals Management Service (MMS).

Published on 20/04/2010

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