Aubin completes expansion of lab and testing facilities

Aubin, an independent supplier of specialist chemicals to the oil and gas industry, has completed a major expansion of its laboratory and testing facilities at its UK headquarters.

Aubin has the only independent cement test centre in the UK, where the strictest quality control methods are used to ensure the highest standards. This ensures Aubin can provide independent third party verifications on offshore cement jobs, a critical safety component of the offshore production process.

Significant investment has taken place in the last year in laboratory equipment to ensure that the specialist oilfield cement and chemical laboratory can develop materials required by customers around the world, with a particular emphasis on high temperature, high pressure projects.

The complex includes more than 170 m2 of laboratory facilities, 2600 m2 of warehousing and workshop space and a further 300 m2 of office accommodation.

To complement its research facilities, the company has a full blending facility for both liquids and powders (from 20 t down to 200 l for trial applications) as well as chemical storage and management facilities to support offshore and onshore operations internationally.

Published on 21/09/2010

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