Nabors announces the release of AccuSteer MWD measurement suite

Ryan Directional Services, a Nabors company, has formally announced the commercial release of the AccuSteer MWD measurement suite, which delivers precise downhole measurements, for accurate wellbore placement and optimised drilling.

Working for today’s complex drilling operations

Increasing complexity surrounding today’s unconventional wells can present challenges that require special technologies and techniques to adequately assess, plan and execute. Unconventional well designs have shifted from simply keeping a wellbore vertical or hitting a ‘target’ to efficient wellbore placement and remaining ‘in zone’ for extended laterals. The industry continues to challenge drilling records for lateral lengths and average penetration rates in these basins. With these successes, the requirement for further reduction in non-productive time, faster data throughput and higher accuracy has grown exponentially.

Accurate MWD measurements

The AccuSteer suite provides accurate MWD measurements for continuous inclination, shock and vibration, azimuthal gamma, downhole pressure, resistivity and drilling dynamics.

Its measurements enable directional drillers to optimise drilling parameters and minimise the risk of drillstring fatigue, stuck pipe, influx, lost circulation and trips.

The AccuSteer tool has the industry’s shortest overall length, at 30 ft (33 ft with resistivity) and offers improved wellsite handling and BHA control. Both transmitted and additional data are stored in memory for quality control and redundancy. The AccuSteer technology comes with smart telemetry enabling data sequence changes while rotating and sliding, so that only the necessary and pertinent information is sent. This, in turn, maximises log quality and maintains a high degree of steerability.

Fast, accurate downhole data

The AccuSteer suite provides fast, accurate downhole data between the BHA and the surface. Furthermore, it provides all of the measurements required for accurate wellbore placement and maximum pay zone contact, increasing production rates and extending the life of the well.


Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn


Published on 22/06/2015

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