Det norske: Geo pilot wells completed

Det norske has as operator of the Ivar Aasen field completed drilling of two geo pilot wells. The operation increases the understanding of the reservoir and provides valuable information for location of wells.

The primary target of the wells 16/1-21 S and 16/1-21 A, was to investigate reservoir rocks and the reservoir quality, in addition, the extension of an overlying gas cap in the eastern part of the field.

Well 16/1-21 S encountered a total oil column of 54 m, of which 25 m of good to very good reservoir quality in the Skagerrak formation. Gas was not encountered in the well. In the Heimdal formation, the well encountered 27 m of water filled sandstone of good to very good quality.

16/1-21 A encountered a total oil column of 41 m and a gas column of 4 m, of which a total of 29 m of very good reservoir quality in the Sleipner and Skagerrak Formation. The oil/water contact was not encountered.

We are very pleased with the operation, and the result. This was Maersk Interceptors first well, and the operation were carried out according to plan. The operation has given us a greater understanding of the field, and the results will be used in the efforts to determine the final location of the production- and injection wells”, says Tor-Ole Jøssund, Subsurface Manager Ivar Aasen

Drilling on the Ivar Aasen field is carried out with the drilling rig Maersk Interceptor, the world’s largest jackup rig. Interceptor arrived Norway in October 2014, and the pilot wells were the rigs first operation. Det norske has a contract with the rig for five years, with an option for two years. Ivar Aasen field will be developed with a total of 15 wells, respectively eight production wells and seven water injection wells. The rig will now continue drilling at Ivar Aasen field, with appraisal well 16/1-22 S in the western part of the field.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 23/04/2015

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