Strategic Alliance aims to combat oil industry challenges

In response to the oil price cloud that is currently engulfing the oil & gas industry, four leading independent specialist companies have come together to form The Alliance - a practical, realistic solution to improving both production and operational efficiencies simultaneously.

The Alliance partners and recognised industry experts, Hamilton Caird LLC, Peak Global, Young Light Technologies and Astrimar, together deliver an unrivalled and holistic solution to the current challenges. By combining their wide range of skills and expertise, The Alliance will work with operators and partners to increase production, reduce operating costs, extend asset lifecycles and improve safety.

Dr John Hargreaves, Managing Director, PEAK Global, explains the reasons for the collaboration: “This collaborative offering is a necessary approach for the survival of the industry with recent reports from Bloomberg predicting that oversupply, the failure of OPEC and diminishing demand will push the oil price down again. The UK and Aberdeen in particular, has been at the heart of oil & gas exploration, setting a lot of the operational benchmarks replicated across the globe. At a time where we are hit with the global challenge of ageing assets, depleting reserves and a volatile oil price, it is vital that we respond by making the changes required to improve efficiencies, reduce production costs and aid the recovery of our industry. The Alliance is this change.”

Neil Caird, President, Hamilton Caird summarises the offering, “The Alliance is a strategic collaboration of recognised industry experts, coming together in response to the current climate, collaborating to deliver a complete solution. The group comprises award winning conceptual design capabilities, proven operational improvement practices and essential support systems components. Essentially we are offering operators and partners an MOT for facilities, ensuring optimum operating efficiency and simple identification of areas where large returns can be realised.

“As an alliance we have the ability to unite and provide an open way of working. By combining expertise from the member companies we bring measurable improvements in production and operational efficiency, as well as reductions in unplanned downtime. We strongly believe that this is the required solution to the challenges within the oil & gas industry and are thrilled to be uniting as partners; sharing our individual knowledge and expertise in order to make a necessary step change and improvements to the industry as a whole.”

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

Published on 24/03/2015

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