NUTECH offers new reservoir technologies

Specialising in petrophysical analysis and reservoir intelligence, NUTECH is now offering an integrated set of proprietary technologies that provide a comprehensive picture of a reservoir across its entire lifecycle through screening five areas of expertise – petrophysics, core analysis, completion engineering, reservoir mapping and modelling, and reservoir engineering.

Combination of four reservoir analysis solutions

NUTECH combines four of its reservoir analysis solutions to draw insights, interpret data and research, thereby having the ability to determine the potential and true value of wells. The company’s reservoir intelligence technologies and interpretive capabilities allow customers to make more informed decisions whilst also adding value and reducing risk.

Determining true asset value at any stage in a reservoir’s lifecycle

Jorge Viamontes, Vice President of Reservoir Intelligence at NUTECH, said: “NUTECH offers one of the most comprehensive range of reservoir intelligence technologies in the industry.”

He added: “NUTECH’s strategic vision and technical proficiency, combined with our unmatched expertise and global experience, makes our reservoir intelligence technologies invaluable in determining the true value of assets at any stage in the reservoir’s lifecycle.”

Adapted from press release by David Bizley

Published on 24/07/2015

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