Troll oil for 20 years

As of the week commencing 21 September 2015, it has been 20 years since the start of oil production from the Troll field. The 20 year-old can look back on enormous wealth, with 1.56 billion bbls produced so far and NOK 460 billion in income.

“Troll oil is the impossible made possible. Only a few believed in extracting the thin oil zone at Troll, and through a burning desire to make it happen, determination and innovation, Troll oil became reality,” said Øivind Dahl-Stamnes, Head of Troll production.

Determination and innovation in reservoir technology, drilling, well and seabed technology and professional and systematic operations have taken Troll Oil to where it is today: Norway's biggest oil producer the last three years.

The Troll oil and gas adventure started with the awarding of the fourth licensing round in 1979. On 17 July 1979, Borgny Dolphin started exploration drilling. A thin oil-bearing layer stretches across the entire field, but is only viable in two provinces in Troll west. The oil is produced using 15 seabed frames with a total of 121 well slots linked to the floating production platforms Troll B and Troll C.

The biggest challenge when planning the field was to develop technology to extract the thin oil zones without the wells producing too much gas. Technology was challenged and resolved, and in many ways Troll has been groundbreaking in drilling and well technology.

All of the production wells at Troll oil are horizontal wells. This means drilling in two stages, initially down to the reservoir, which is 1600 m below the seabed, and then up to 5500 m horizontally into the reservoir. Most of the wells are so-called branch wells, which mean that they have two or three horizontal sections that are gathered at a crossroad in the reservoir.

To date 200 wells have been drilled around Troll B and C, which combined have produced 1.56 billion barrels of oil. The oil is transported to Mongstad, from Troll B through the Troll Oil Pipeline I, and from Troll C through the Troll Pipeline II.

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Published on 24/09/2015

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