Organising TEC

Thunder Energies Corporation (TEC), a fully recording company that recently initiated trading of its stock under the symbol TNRG at the OTCQB, has announced the setting up of three divisions to organise manufacturing, promotion, sale and service of its new cutting edge technologies.

Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli, TEC CEO and Chief Scientist, said, "I am pleased to report we have made important advances since forming Thunder Energies Corporation in July of 2013. In fact, we have organised the three divisions outlined below for bringing to market our cutting edge technologies in optics, nuclear physics and fossil fuel combustion, and we had promising contacts with U. S. financial institutions for their funding. I feel confident that, thanks to the decades of research prior to forming our company, and thanks to the use of basically new mathematical, physical and chemical sciences I initiated in the 1980s when I was a member of Harvard University under DOE support, our company will indeed acquire a distinct role in a number of cutting edge technologies."

Division 1: TEC division of optical instruments

The most familiar and widely sold optical instrument is the Galileo Telescope that focuses images of far-away stars and galaxies via 'convex' lenses required by the familiar refraction of light in glass.

Following 50 years of mathematical, theoretical and experimental research, Thunder Energies Corporation has discovered a basically new telescope with 'concave' lenses permitting to focus images from a far-away 'antimatter' star or galaxy.

Division 2: TEC division of nuclear instruments

Stars initiate their life as an aggregate of Hydrogen atoms. The first and most fundamental synthesis in the core of a star is that of neutrons as compressed hydrogen atoms. Thunder Energies Corporation is currently finalising the specifications of Thermal Neutron Sources achieving the first synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas with a number of novel scientific, industrial and military applications.

Division 3: TEC division of fuel combustion

Thunder Energies Corporation has discovered a basically new combustion of fossil fuels with no combustible contaminants in the exhaust, such as Carbon Monoxide CO, Hydro Carbons HC and other combustible contaminants. The Company has discovered means for enhancing the energy output of fuel combustion via basically new nuclear processes such as synthesis during combustion of Carbon-12 and Oxygen 16 into Silicon-28 with the ensuing release of a large amount of heat without the emission of neutrons and without release of radioactive waste.

Thunder Energies Corp. is a developer of new cutting edge technologies that are being brought to market by the above three divisions. All intellectual properties, including patents, patent applications, domain names, copyrights, know how, etc., are exclusively and irrevocably owned by Thunder Energies Corporation without any royalty payments.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 25/02/2015

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