New Australian LNG market coverage from ICIS

ICIS, the leading provider of pricing and market information on the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, has launched a new coverage of the emerging gas market in Australia, which will be published weekly within the ICIS LNG Markets Daily report.

With LNG exports set to take off from the Queensland port of Gladstone in 2015, as three new production plants are expected to come on line this year, Australia remains poised to become one of the world's largest LNG exporters. This massive new supply of LNG will not only have a significant impact on Asia Pacific markets, but also on Australian natural gas customers, as the sector becomes more competitive.

Additionally, as the Australian LNG export market gains momentum during the coming months, domestic players, whose supply contracts are expiring, will be facing very different market dynamics than previously experienced.

In order to increase market transparency in the face of challenging Australian gas market conditions, the enhanced ICIS LNG Markets Daily report will give insight into why and how prices are moving, as well as the trades that are taking place. The coverage will include domestic gas, LNG and power sectors, providing an in-depth look at local pricing dynamics and how it relates to the international pricing environment for LNG.

LNG market participants in other regions can also benefit from the new Australia coverage to discover potential trading opportunities - particularly as supply and demand balances fluctuate and/or if outages occur.

"Australia is set to emerge as the key exporter of LNG in Asia-Pacific region in 2015. LNG from Australia will become an important factor in meeting growing LNG demand in Asia. At the same time, the domestic market in eastern Australia is poised for new challenges as it prepares to compete with global demand for gas," Roman Kazmin, editor of LNG Markets Daily, said.

Edited from various sources by Joe Green

Published on 26/02/2015

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