LGO announces flow rate of well GY-669 and Goudron field, Trinidad, update

London-headquartered LGO is pleased to announce that its most recently completed well, GY-669, at the Goudron field in Trinidad was perforated on 23 January in the C-sands and is now flowing at a stabilised, but highly restricted, rate of 365 bpd of oil of 41° API water-free oil through a 10/32 in. choke with an average well-head flowing pressure of 1900 psi. Over the last 48 hours the well has flowed at an average rate of 445 bpd. The initial calculated open-hole flow rate of the well is approximately 1000 bpd.

Preparations for 2015 drilling campaign at Goudron underway

Neil Ritson, LGO's Chief Executive, commented: "Well GY-669 is a further highly productive well from our eight well drilling campaign in 2014 and when combined with future drilling will allow us to maintain group production in excess of 2000 bpd for many years. Preparations for the 2015 drilling campaign at Goudron are now well underway and we expect to recommence the drilling of additional new C-sand wells as soon as the next drilling pad is completed."

Well GY-669

Well GY-669 was drilled between 5 and 24 October 2014 to a total depth of 3505 ft measured depth and encountered 229 ft of oil pay in the Goudron Sands and a further 248 ft of pay in the C-sands. A limited zone of 30 ft has been perforated in the C-sands where the clearest oil bearing interval was apparent on electric logs. Other hydrocarbon pay observed on logs is considered to be potentially more gas prone and whilst gas handling facilities are now being developed in the field it was considered prudent to focus on production from a zone where oil pay was confidently predicted. Further C-sand intervals may be completed at a later date.

Field operations

All eight wells drilled to the C-sand in 2014 have now been completed and are all producing oil. The majority of the wells are free flowing with individual restricted rates up to 1000 bpd per well. Wells GY-666, GY-668 and GY-671 have been re-completed with conventional pumps in order to improve their long-term production characteristics. All free-flowing wells are operating on restricted chokes to maintain stable sustainable production plateau rates. The optimum choke size is determined by means of testing and ensures that sand and water are not produced in order to achieve the best overall production volume over time. All wells in the 2014 drilling campaign are producing water-free oil.

Application has been made for the installation of both an additional 5000-barrel storage tank and for a Lease Area Custody Transfer (LACT) meter in order to maintain the efficient export of oil from the field. With the assistance of the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Goudron Field is making sales 7 days a week and the field is not expecting to experience any sales restrictions.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 27/01/2015

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