Peak Well Systems launches new downhole tool

Peak Well Systems, a leading specialist in the design and development of advanced downhole tools for well intervention, is pleased to announce the launch of the FlexiDrift – an accurate, adjustable tool to confirm the minimum diameter specification of well bore tubing with the ability to cover a range of tubing sizes.

Unlike other drift tools on the market that require up to five tools to cover the full range of wellbore tubing sizes, the FlexiDrift is available in three standard tool sizes that can be accurately adjusted to within 10 thous of the desired diameter to span drift diameters of 2.000 in. – 2.750 in., 2.720 in. – 3.750 in. and 3.700 in. – 5.750 in. respectively; thereby reducing the inventory required to run standard toolstring operations.

The FlexiDrift consists of a mandrel with two sets of extendable rails that can be manually extended with ease using the adjustment sleeves to the desired radius of the well tubing. When run downhole, the unique positioning of the extended rails provides the highest radial contact across the widest operating range of required drift sizes ensuring no unforeseen obstructions, debris or damage is present in the well prior to other operations.

Moreover, the FlexiDrift’s unique design allows for sufficient bypass of fluid to enable efficient toolstring conveyance in well fluids. It can be accurately adjusted and deployed via slickline and all other standard industry conveyance methods at the well site without the need for specialist training.

A shear release function triggered through upwards jarring allows the FlexiDrift to retract to its minimum ID to enable reliable retrieval to surface - even when working in highly deviated wells or those with high levels of scale and debris.

Gus Brown, Engineering Manager - at Peak Well Systems said: “Until now multiple drifting tools have been required to cover a range of well OD’s for any given operator. This usually results in increased inventory and consequential increased costs for customers. Peak’s FlexiDrift meets market demand for an alternative accurate drifting tool that offers the ultimate flexibility whilst minimising inventory and reducing costs.”

Peak recognises that advanced, more reliable technology is a key strategic enabler for future competitiveness in today’s marketplace. The company is therefore focused on developing well intervention tools that maximise effectiveness whilst reducing operating costs. The FlexiDrift is one such tool in Peak’s portfolio that achieves this.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 30/07/2015

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