Bowleven: Drilling update

Bowleven, the Africa focused oil and gas exploration group traded on AIM, has announced that Moambe, the second well in a two exploration well programme, has been drilled to its planned total depth of 1769 m MD and wireline logging has been completed. Hydrocarbons were encountered in Paleocene (Tertiary) aged target reservoir intervals and detailed log evaluation is continuing.

Preparations are underway to test Moambe initially prior to moving back to the first well, Zingana, where further testing is currently planned. The extended well testing programme is designed to determine the productivity and connectivity of the shallower reservoir units, which it is intended will provide the basis for the initial supply of gas for power generation.

The evaluation of the deeper reservoir units is therefore expected to follow later. The company is working closely with Actis and Eneo in Cameroon on a plan to deliver gas for a gas-to-power development scheme in the event of a successful outcome to testing. It is intended that any associated liquids produced would be trucked for sale at the local refinery at Limbe.

Kevin Hart, Chief Executive, said: “We are pleased with the discoveries made at Zingana and Moambe. In line with our ‘drill drill:test-test strategy’, preparations are now underway for an extended well test at Moambe. Moreover, the advanced discussions with Actis and Eneo regarding a gas-to-power scheme to supply the nearby Cameroon national grid, demonstrates the strengthened commercial environment for the timely monetisation of success at Bomono.”

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Published on 30/09/2015

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