Roxi awaits core sample from Deep Well 801 at BNG asset

he BNG Contract Area is located in the west of Kazakhstan, 40 km southeast of Tengiz on the edge of the Mangistau Oblast, covering an area of 1561 km2, of which 1376 km2 has 3D seismic coverage acquired in 2009 and 2010. 

Roxi has a 58.41% interest in the BNG Contract Area.

Deep wells

Deep Well A5

As previously announced the high well pressure has resulted in a blockage in the drill pipes and the drill pipes becoming stuck at a depth of 3517 m. This has prevented the commencement of a 30-day flow test. Also as previously announced at the bottom of the well remains a stuck pipe, which Roxi plans to recover.

Following previously unsuccessful attempts to remove the blockage in the drill pipes Roxi is now working to clear the blockage by retrieving the entire drill string.

Of the 46 lengths of drill pipe trapped on 4 April 2015, to date 26 have been removed from the well using the specialist equipment. Each link is 9 m in length. Work continues to free the remaining 20 lengths of drill pipe in the well.

Once this has been accomplished the 30-day well test is set to commence.

Deep Well 801

Deep Well 801, which was spudded on 15 December 2014, is to be drilled to a total depth of 4950 m targeting the Lower Carboniferous. Sinopec, the Chinese multinational, is drilling the well for a fixed cost of US$11 million.

The well is located approximately 8 km from Deep Well A5 and is targeting the Lower Carboniferous previously thought to be in same structure as Deep Well A5.

Roxi is pleased to announce that drilling at Deep Well 801 has now reached a depth of 4649 m and is drilling in the Lower Permian.

An analysis of the drilling fluids at a depth of 4644 m revealed traces of gas condensate, which is an indicator of oil-bearing formation. Accordingly a core sample is being taken at a depth of between 4646 and 4664 m to assess to the extent, if any, of indications of oil bearing rock at this interval.

Further announcements will be made in due course.

Clive Carver, Chairman commented: "Although slow it appears we have found a way to deal with the blockage at Deep Well A5. Once the core sample has been taken and analysed at Deep Well 801 we will have a better understanding of the potential of this well."

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn


Published on 01/05/2015

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