Dolphin Geo’s Sanco Sword is now in steady production

Dolphin has just mobilised the 'world's largest floating object' by deploying a seismic spread of 12 streamers, 7050 m in length with 150 m streamer separation, off the coast of Myanmar for Ophir Energy Plc. This configuration of equipment has a moving width of 1850 m and the seismic spread covers a total area of about 12 km2.

Ultra-wide towing solution as a cost-efficient option

Bjarne Stavenes, VP Technical, commented: "Ophir Energy PLC challenged the industry to provide a cost-efficient solution to acquire its large 10 000 km2 survey in Myanmar. Dolphin responded by offering this ultra-wide towing solution. After a swift mobilisation, Dolphin's Sanco Sword is now in steady production with acquisition of about 150 km2 in a single day. This is believed to be a world record for our industry and we expect Sword to become the benchmark vessel when it comes to productivity going forward."

As a fully integrated geophysical company, Dolphin is also delivering a complete Fast Track on-board processing system powered by its proprietary OpenCPS software, and the Singapore processing office ensures a timely delivery of a complete high quality Pre-Stack Time Migrated (PSTM) SHarp Broadband dataset.


Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 07/04/2015

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