Ampelmann celebrates one million safe transfers

Ampelmann, the global leader in specialised gangway systems, is celebrating another significant achievement in the operation of their systems: one million safe transfers. The milestone was reached within five years after the start of Ampelmann Operations ltd. and reasserts their slogan: making offshore access as easy as crossing the street.

The first transfer with an Ampelmann system was done in 2007 in a wind farm near Egmond aan zee, North Sea, by the founders of the company. Since then, Ampelmann has developed from being a spin-off of the Delft University of Technology into a multi-national organisation with over 300 employees. With its Head Office in Deft and offices since opened in Singapore, Qatar and Houston, the company continues to expand. With over 40 systems worldwide and an average technical uptime of 99.5%, Ampelmann expanded into further new regions during 2014 with projects in Miri, The Caspian Sea, Egypt and Nigeria; meaning that Ampelmann officially covers the seven seas.

On the innovations side of the business: Ampelmann launched the Cargo Transfer System (CTS), with the first full-motion-compensated lift; developed a new enlarged gangway GXXL and did further innovative projects such as reinstallation of lifeboats offshore.

The core technology is the Ampelmann system, a motion compensation platform that allows safe, easy and efficient personnel and cargo access from a moving vessel to an offshore installation, even in high sea states. Ampelmann continues to improve manpower productivity and safety on both manned and unmanned installations. The increased use of the Ampelmann systems is changing the way companies perform maintenance offshore.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 08/01/2015

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