BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities today donated AUS$250 000

In response to the significant impact of the recent South Australian bushfires on local communities, BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities today donated AUS$250 000 to the State Emergency Relief Fund.

The State Emergency Relief Fund has been established to provide assistance to those individuals and community organisations impacted by a disaster. All donations to the Fund will be used to help those in need re-establish themselves after the South Australian bushfires.

Darryl Cuzzubbo, Asset President of Olympic Dam commented, “The bushfires have had a considerable impact on hundreds of lives and for families who have lost their homes, it is devastating. We hope this donation will provide some support for those experiencing difficulties during this time."

The State Emergency Relief Fund confirmed that 100% of all donations will be provided to those in need to re-establish themselves after this disaster.

As well as the AUS$250 000 donation, BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities will donate two dollars for every one dollar donated by an employee to relief efforts through the BHP Billiton Matched Giving Program.

BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities is a charity established by BHP Billiton as part of its community investment program.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 08/01/2015

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