FMC sets new deepwater completion record

FMC Technologies, Inc. has set a new deepwater completion record of 9627 ft (2934 m) with its enhanced vertical deepwater tree (EVDT) system. The world record depth was achieved at the Shell-operated Tobago field, part of the Perdido development located in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new depth record surpasses the previous milestone of 9356 ft (2852 m) that was established in 2008 at Shell’s Silvertip field, which is also a part of the same development.

Located on Alaminos Canyon Block 815, Shell’s Perdido development includes the Great White, Silvertip and Tobago fields.

"Our strong and longstanding alliance with Shell has played a key role in our ability to develop subsea processing solutions while advancing the industry’s deepwater production capabilities,” said John Grump, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of FMC Technologies. "We are proud to have been a part of this record-setting effort and look forward to continuing our support of Shell on this and other projects.”

Published on 18/11/2011

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