LMKR launches GeoGraphix 2015

As focus moves from exploration to production optimisation, asset teams turn their attention to maximising recoveries while reducing cycle time and driving down production costs. This release delivers:

Speed: Reduce cycle time of prospecting-to-production through direct and seamless integration between domains

  • Accuracy: Increase the accuracy of reservoir interpretation through an extensive 3D geomodel bringing domains together in time or depth.
  • Decision Making: See all the possibilities in one 3D scene to make the best economic decisions.


Benefit from the efficiencies of working in a dynamically updated, geologically accurate, sealed earth model enabling you to initialise interpretations, create cross sections, and pick tops faster. Improve accuracy of interpretation by leveraging seismic to provide inter-well detail and improve directional drilling using easy-to-use, lightweight web geosteering from home, at the office or on site!


Benefit from the full integration of time and depth domains. Create velocity models using average or interval methods to better accommodate lateral variation in velocities. Utilise these models to create static depth volumes, or perform dynamic depth conversion using inter-well depth point integration to update & refresh the time-depth relationships.

Field Planning

Advanced field planning capabilities extended to encompass hazard avoidance for existing vertical wells, display of field plans in Google Earth or Bing, updating of target points on maps to see the changes instantly in the integrated 3D view.

3D Visualisation

GeoGraphix unveils the big picture of your reservoir in 3D enabling a multi-domain, integrated workflow updated in 3D space in real time.

Full details available at LMKR.com

GeoGraphix 2015 estimated general availability August 2015

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 19/06/2015

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