Ingrain opens digital rock physics lab in Abu Dhabi

Ingrain, a digital rock physics company, has announced the opening of its newest digital rock physics lab, located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi.

Ingrain’s digital rock physics lab provides special core analysis services (SCAL) on oil and gas reservoir rocks using 3D imaging and computing. Using whole core, core plugs, sidewall cores or even drill cuttings, Ingrain can deliver information much faster than physical labs, and at a lower overall cost.

The new 950 m2 lab has installed and commissioned a high resolution macro scanner (with a scan resolution of 0.5 mm) that is capable of scanning whole core and plugs in a very rapid timeframe. The lab also has a micro CT scanner that can scan a range of resolutions sufficient to resolve the micro pore space associated with carbonates in the Middle East. Additional scanners will be added as required by workload.

Published on 22/09/2010

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