Energy development could need administration support

Jack Gerard, President and CEO of the API, presented remarks to reporters on 24th January commenting on an expected statement from the president in his state of the union address supporting more domestic energy development:

‘We welcome this change of course…we’re hopeful that his commitment to energy development will be followed by changes in policy that would not only support the growth EIA envisions but take it to another level.’

‘The truth is, that the administration has sometimes paid lip service to more domestic energy development, including more oil and natural gas development. We hope today is different and that after tonight he will follow through.’

‘The reality is we will need more oil and natural gas in our future. We can continue to import it, or change policy and produce it and many more thousands of jobs at home.’

‘The administration has an opportunity to turn energy policy in a direction that could provide huge benefits to our economy. And if the President is sincere in this, our industry will work very hard with him to make it happen.’

Published on 25/01/2012

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