Schlumberger introduces depth domain inversion services

Schlumberger has recently announced the launch of its depth domain inversion services. Schlumberger petrotechnical experts use the services to improve the reliability and consistency of seismic structural and quantitative interpretation in complex environments.

Depth domain inversion services

Performing seismic inversion in the depth domain fully integrates the inversion with the imaging products to improve the reliability of estimating rock properties for reservoir characterisation. This is achieved by correcting for depth space and dip dependent illumination effects during seismic amplitude inversion directly in the depth domain.

Depth domain inversion services have been successfully applied in complex geological environments in North and South America. In the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico, Schlumberger petrotechnical experts used a depth domain inversion workflow in a complex subsalt area that was poorly illuminated. Reverse time migration produced seismic amplitudes adversely imprinted by the illumination effects.

More information derived from seismic data for reservoir characterisation

“Conventional seismic inversion in the time domain introduces inconsistency between the seismic images and the rock properties, especially where there’s a significant overburden, such as subsalt,” said Maurice Nessim, President of Schlumberger’s Petrotechnical Services. “With depth domain inversion services, customers receive more information derived from seismic data for reservoir characterisation. This helps reduce uncertainty in complex reservoir environments, improve the confidence in prospect delineation, reservoir properties and volumetric calculations.”

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 25/06/2015

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