AADvance Eurocard system reduces hardware footprint

Rockwell launches new process safety system

Process engineers can reduce their physical hardware footprint by 50% using the new AADvance Eurocard process safety system from Rockwell Automation. The new system is ideally suited for industry applications with more restrictive physical space requirements, such as subsea control platforms. It is one of the first process safety systems designed for use in these highly demanding applications.

“The AADvance Eurocard system is our answer to customer feedback and an industry need for better integration in space-restrictive applications,” said Allan Rentcome, global technology director for Systems and Solutions at Rockwell Automation. “With the smaller system, process engineers can save equipment real estate and still achieve up to 500 I/O per controller. Users also have the option to scale up to meet the size of the standard AADvance system.”

The AADvance Eurocard system helps enable companies to protect people, equipment and the environment by achieving safe and continuous operation, and reducing the risk of human error. The system allows users to control and update their plantwide safety management systems from a single workstation, helping reduce the time spent updating individual terminals and margin for human error.

Sharing the same controller platform, workbench software, process modules, firmware and electronics as the traditional AADvance platform, the AADvance Eurocard system can be custom configured to meet different levels of safety (nonsafety to SIL 3) and each user’s specific system requirements. The system is specifically designed for functional safety and critical control applications, providing a flexible, scalable, distributed solution for a wide range of process industries. The system is certified by Exida for functional safety and adheres to the latest safety standards. The system meets the functional safety requirements for Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) and is compliant with IEC 61508: 2010, Parts 1-7.

Adapted from a press release by Louise Mulhall

Published on 14/09/2015

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