MudCube for Johan Sverdrup field

In a multi-million dollar deal, Cubility AS will provide the MudCube® solution to Statoil for installation on the Johan Sverdrup field.

The MudCube is the industry’s first compact solids control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids, delivering improved drilling efficiencies, lower mud consumption, reduced waste volumes and improved HSE.
“We are delighted that Cubility and our MudCube solution is to play such an important role on one of the most important industrial projects in Norway over the next 50 years – something that is testament to our long-term partnership and collaboration with Statoil,” said Cubility CEO, Even Gjesdal.

Stringent environmental and HSE controls more important than ever

He continues: “The need to improve operational efficiencies, monitor the bottom line, and adhere to stringent environmental and HSE controls has never been more important than in drilling operations today. On all counts Cubility and the MudCube deliver.”

Vacuum-based filtration system

The MudCube is a compact, vacuum-based filtration system that removes solids from drilling fluids and has been adopted on a number of offshore rigs in in the North Sea, Middle East, Far East and North and South America.

Rather than relying on high G-forces to separate mud and the drilled solids (as is the case with traditional solids control systems, so called shale shakers), with the MudCube drilling fluids are vacuumed through a rotating filter belt using high airflow to separate the cuttings from the fluid more effectively.

The cleaned drilling fluids are then returned to the active mud system and the drilled solids - carried forward on the filter belt - are discharged either directly overboard (if they meet environmental discharge regulations) or to a cuttings handling system.

The improved separation capabilities leads to better quality mud, fewer chemicals required to maintain its properties, more mud recycled back to the mud tanks to be reused for drilling, less waste and vastly improved working environment. The MudCube also results in improved drilling efficiencies with stable mud properties and a decrease in non productive time (NPT). The remote, automated operations of the MudCube and its’ enclosed system with reduced vibration and noise levels and the elimination of oil vapour brings considerable workplace benefits.


Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 15/06/2015

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