Cutting carbon emissions and living well

A new online tool has shown that cutting carbon emissions to limit global temperatures to a 2°C rise can be achieved. The world can eat well, travel more, live in more comfortable homes, and meet international carbon reduction commitments according to the Global Calculator tool, a project led by the UK’s DECC and cofunded by Climate-KIC.

The tool has been built in collaboration with a number of international organisations from US, China, India and Europe, the calculator is an interactive tool for businesses, NGOs and governments to consider the options for cutting carbon emissions and the trade offs for energy and land use to 2050.

Comments from Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey

“For the first time this Global Calculator shows that everyone in the world can prosper while limiting global temperature rises to 2°C, preventing the most serious impacts of climate change. Yet the calculator is also very clear that we must act now to change how we use and generate energy and how we use our land if we are going to achieve this green growth.

“The UK is leading on climate change both at home and abroad. Britain’s global calculator can help the world’s crucial climate debate this year. Along with the many country based 2050 calculators we pioneered, we are working hard to demonstrate to the global family that climate action benefits people.”

Comments from Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd

“This Global Calculator is unique for three reasons. It has been built in collaboration with a range of international organisations, from China to India and the US. It is open, with its data fully available to the public, and it is also simple enough for everyone to use.”

Edited from press release by Claira Lloyd

Published on 28/01/2015

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