CONSOL Energy and Halliburton deliver first T4F fracturing spread

CONSOL Energy and Halliburton have announced the planned deployment of the first hydraulic fracturing spread that is fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 Tier 4F emissions standard for non-road, high-horsepower engines.  Tier 4F equipment will be used to complete fracturing jobs on all six pads on Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) property. 

Completions on Pad 2 at PIT commence today with an expected 36% overall reduction in emissions as a result of this new equipment. 

Tim Dugan, CONSOL Energy Chief Operating Officer – Exploration and Production commented, “Given the importance of this project to the entire Pittsburgh region, we are firmly committed to conducting our operations in accordance with the highest safety and environmental standards. So, we issued a challenge to deliver the lowest-emitting fracturing fleet possible, using the latest technology and Halliburton stepped up to the plate.” Dugan continued, “We are pleased to team with Halliburton to introduce this industry-first on the PIT project, which is a prime example of the innovation that continues to occur across the Marcellus play, as well as CONSOL’s commitment to going above and beyond the regulatory baseline that governs our operations.”

Halliburton teamed up with Cummins to maximise the use of the Tier 4F engines. In addition to building a spread that is fully Tier 4F-compliant, Halliburton is also utilising its existing emissions-reducing technologies on site, including the solar panel-powered SandCastle® PS-2500 Vertical Proppant Storage System.

Richard Gonzalez, vice president of Halliburton’s Production Enhancement business line, said “We hold ourselves to high standards in achieving compliance with environmental regulations. Building a fully Tier 4-compliant fracturing fleet that would meet emissions requirements for the Pittsburgh airport took extensive testing of prototype engines over the past few years. Halliburton, Cummins and CONSOL Energy all share the same values in developing advanced technology and protecting the environment, and we were proud to partner with them.” 

According to Cummins, compared to engines produced in 2000, the Tier 4F-compliant engines reduce particulate matter by 93% and oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbon by 63%. Halliburton’s fracturing fleets have had 2015 Tier 4F-compliant engines in some of its blending equipment since 2010, and the new engines will power its fracturing pumps to complete the full Tier 4F fleet. 

Ed Pence, vice president of Cummins’ High Horsepower Engine Business said, “We are pleased to partner with Halliburton and CONSOL, pioneering Tier 4 Final very low emissions products into the market.

We are confident the Cummins QSK50 will deliver the reliability and dependability Halliburton and CONSOL expect, while reaching these very low emissions through the use of proven, latest-generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after treatment.”

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 02/04/2015

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