API: President should embrace America’s energy moment in SOTU

The president should use next week’s State of the Union to embrace policies for a new era of American leadership on energy and jobs, said API President and CEO Jack Gerard.

“President Obama and the new Congress have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalise on this unique American energy moment,” said Gerard during a news conference with reporters. “With a clear pro-energy mandate from the American people, this should be the year that energy policy catches up with America’s status as an energy superpower.

“America’s energy abundance has created millions of jobs, generated billions in tax revenue, and spurred a manufacturing renaissance. It also presents a historic opportunity to achieve a level of energy security unthinkable just a few years ago. We can already see signs of America’s growing energy security. Net petroleum imports are at their lowest levels in decades, and gas prices have reached near six-year lows.

“If history is any guide, President Obama’s State of the Union address will include a mix of rhetoric claiming credit for energy achievements with a list of policy proposals that would actually undermine them. But what we really need are policies based on facts. Instead of being the party of ‘science,’ this administration has let politics decide far too many energy policies.”

Gerard also announced a new national ad campaign highlighting America’s status as an energy superpower.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 16/01/2015

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