OriginOil successfully treats produced water for reuse in EOR operations

Independent third-party testing by Zalco Laboratories has confirmed that OriginOil’s PRIME product for oil and gas operations successfully reduced contaminants in produced water to the level required for reuse for cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) – a type of enhanced oil recovery.


Using data collected during a month of operation and sales demonstrations hosted by Vaquero Energy, an exploration and production (E&P) company based in Bakersfield, California, Zalco’s lab results confirmed that PRIME reduced all measures of non-soluble contamination to very low, or undetectable levels. OriginOil’s PRIME integrates OriginOil’s EWS with a self-cleaning filter for heavy solids removal on the front end, as well as a polishing system on the back end.

Paul Conrad, President of Total Western Inc., a Bakersfield-based energy service company, stated, “We have been supporting OriginOil at the Vaquero Energy test/demo site for the last month, operating their produced water process. We have been impressed by its performance in the form of final water quality and the separation of the oil from the produced water. In addition, we have found that with its smart control system, the operation is almost hands-free. We are so impressed that we are actively supporting OriginOil in its efforts to spread the word throughout the Bakersfield area.”


Zalco Laboratory confirmed PRIME’s ability to achieve the following results:

•        Turbidity reduced by 99.96%.

•        Total suspended solids reduced by 97%.

•        Total recoverable petroleum hydrocarbons reduced by 97%.

•        Biological oxygen demand reduced by 71%.

•        Chemical oxygen demand reduced by 92%.

•        Diesel range organics reduced by 99.3%.

•        Gasoline range organics reduced by 86%.

•        Motor oil range organics reduced by 99.5%. 

The summary on the testing and Vaquero Energy operations can be found here. The full Zalco report is available on request.

“OriginOil’s field operations in the Monterey Basin have shown our strongest performance yet. The produced water was challenging to treat due to the low API oil, which is totally different than the water from the natural gas fields of Colorado and the light oil reservoirs of West Texas,” said Lee Portillo, OriginOil’s VP of Engineering for the Oil & Gas Division. “We have learned a lot from the multiple test sites and are now utilising this long-term operating experience to maximise the performance of our breakthrough PRIME solution.”

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 20/03/2015

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